How to Get Oman Investor Visa?

Got Impressed by the Oman’s Economy Strength? Planning to Be an Investor Visa Holder? Your on the Right place. We will Explain you how exactly you can get Investor visa in Oman.

The easy and fastest way to get the investor visa is by starting a business in Oman. As a part of Oman Vision 2040 Even government is encouraging Expats to come and invest in Oman with ll of course benefit country’s economy and job market too. For this government introduced various laws to attract foreigners, One of the main rule what makes Oman unique is, you can hold up to 100% Ownership of your company in Mainland without any local sponsors. Yes you heard it right! this what makes Oman different from other GCC. Also there are other benefits like no need to show minimum investment etc.

Benefits of Investor Visa?

Age should be 21 Years or above

Valid for 2 years and can be extended further

Involve in any activity of his company

They can access manpower Website Etc with his Card for applying for clearance of visa etc

Can be the 100% Share holder of his company or have full rights to hold, sell or drop his holdings

They can open Corporate bank account with full Signing authority

Can Rent work space/office etc anywhere in Mainland


Steps to Get Investor Visa

Open Commercial Registration (CR)

First step to get your Investor Visa is to open your CR application in which you can officially do business in Oman for whichever activity your getting approval.

Get you Chamber of Commerce 

After getting your CR, Now your Eligible for applying Chamber of commerce, With these both documents you can Open bank account, Rent or lease your Office/Workspace etc.

Apply for your Clearance 

Once you Get the above documents our PRO ll apply for your Visa clearance by submitting all your Documents.

Visa Approval 

As soon as getting clearance your visa ll get approved and now you can go for getting your Residence card.


What are the Documents needed for Investor Visa

Document needed for Investor visa is same as you need for CR. Which is your Passport and ID Card(If residence of Oman)

How long it ll take to get it

It is a 7-10 days process, also depends on various other factors


How to Get Oman Investor Visa

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