100% Foreign Ownership Company

Looking for 100% Foreign Ownership Company?

If your Looking for 100% Foreign Ownership Company without any local sponsor, then your in a right place. Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has brought in a new Foreign Capital Investment Law (FCIL), effective as of January 2020, which aims to make Oman an attractive investment environment. The introduction of this law comes as a move to ensure the stability of foreign investment in the country.

Benefit of 100% Foreign Ownership company

After introduction of this law, Government can observe a critical growth in number of company’s Registering in Mainland, Here are few Main Benefit of 100% Foreign ownership company in Oman

100% Expat Shareholder

Any nationality Expat can be the 100% Share holder, no need of any Omani sponsor

Get your Investor Visa

After your Completion of CR Registration you ll be eligible for Oman Investor Visa.

Open Corporate Bank Account

After Registering your Company you ll be eligible to open your bank account in companies name,

Income Tax Free

Oman is also like other Gulf countries without any Income tax, although there is VAT introduces for products and services

frequently asked

Timeframes for Registering Business in Oman depends on various factors like type of approval, nature of business etc. Usually on average it takes 2 weeks to 3 weeks to get all registration process to get done.

Yes, 100% Foreign Ownership Company in Oman is also like all other typical company registered in Oman. You ll get all the benefits of what the normal Omani sponsored company have.

Yes, once your Company Registration is done its Necessary to get your Office or warehouse for further process, you can lease or Rent out office/warehouse space anywhere in Oman’s Mainland area.

How We Work

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Introductory Phone Call
Call our expert and Get an appointment with our Company Incorporation expert.
Face to Face Meeting
In this our team ll be taking down all of your requirements and ll check for your eligibility. i.e. Government have allowed 2000+ activities in which expat can own in mainland, if your business comes under it then your eligible.
Document Collection
If your business is eligible in Mainland then you can submit your all related documents to our experts so that they can proceed further.
Fees Payment
After document you can proceed for payment transferring, which includes Ministry fees and other approval fees also our service charges
Get your CR
After the payment submission you can get your CR in just couple of days, we also have express service for quick processing of CR.
Get your Chamber
Which the Chamber of Commerce and Company Registration document you can open corporate bank account, or Rent your work space(office/workshop etc, )
Get your Investor Visa
After all these steps now you can apply for your Investor Visa, you can either convert your existing visa to Employment visa or Enter Oman with your new investor Visa

100% Foreign Ownership Company in Oman

The new Foreign Investment Law allows to a Foreigner can open a Company with 100% ownership of SPC or LLC. Foreign citizens, companies and investors in Oman are now able to own 100% of their businesses in many industries in mainland Oman. Some activities in the mainland are still reserved for Omanis, and other activities still require a local Omani partner with a minority shareholding.
Foreign Ownership Company means a foreigner can open a company in Oman with 100% share ownership and with unlimited signing authority. A Foreigner can open a SPC company with 100% ownership with his/her name or A Foreigner can open an LLC company partnership with another foreigner or partnership with Omani National also. If the company is a LLC, the foreigner will get signing authority and bank authority as per the mutual understanding between the partners in the company. If the company 100% ownership with a foreigner as a SPC company, he can get unlimited signing authority and bank authority.

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  • #204-2nd Floor, City Seasons Hotel, Al Khuwair, Muscat, Oman

  • +968 22556563

  • #204-2nd Floor, City Seasons Hotel, Al Khuwair, Muscat

  • +968 79612340

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